Image by Greg Rakozy


Sierra Space is building a shared ecosystem in space for scientific collaboration and innovation to enhance life on earth. With technologies that make space more affordable and accessible, we’re dedicated to creating a prosperous and secure space economy that will benefit all of humanity.

Rapidly advancing toward the launch of the next generation of space transportation, the world’s only winged commercial spaceplane, the Dream Chaser®, will perform cargo supply and return missions for NASA, set to begin in 2023 - delivering up to 12,000 pounds of cargo to the International Space Station (ISS) at a time.

Sierra Space is also the developer of the Large Integrated Flexible Environment (LIFETM) Habitat, a modular, three-story commercial habitation and science platform. The unique structure will provide opportunities for multiple businesses including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors, to optimize zero gravity benefits.

The Dream Chaser Spaceplane and LIFE platform are central components of the joint partnership Orbital Reef commercial space station and mixed-use business park being developed in partnership with Blue Origin.