Lunar Craters



Ken Shields
Sr. Director, Business Development
Sierra Space

Sierra Space and Blue Origin are equal partners in the creation and operation of Orbital Reef, a new free-flying commercial space station in low-Earth orbit. Orbital Reef will create a turnkey service for global markets in research, commerce, and human space flight. Its business model – traditional on Earth but unprecedented in space – lowers barriers for all customers, and promotes competitive development of space applications across a wide array of global interests.

Ken serves as a Sr. Director of Business Development for Sierra Space Corporation where he leads a team of industry experts in making and shaping emerging markets and growing new business opportunities across the enterprise. Before joining Sierra Space, Ken was the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory, where he directed business operations, research programs, and ISS resource utilization for industry, academia, and government agencies for the benefit of life on Earth. Mr. Shields has been awarded the NASA Medal for Outstanding Public Leadership and has served on numerous boards and industry societies.