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Carlos Garcia-Galan
Orion program’s European Service Module (ESM) Integration Office at the Glenn Research Center

Carlos Garcia-Galan is the Manager of the Orion program’s European Service Module (ESM) Integration Office at the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, since 2021. He brings more than 24 years of experience in human spaceflight to this role, in which he is responsible for the overall integration of the European Space Agency-developed ESM, including design activities, assembly, integration and test with other modules of the Orion spacecraft and the Artemis missions. A native of Malaga, Spain, Garcia-Galan joined the Orion Program Office in 2010 at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston, serving in various key technical and management roles, including management of integrated spacecraft design and performance, mission analysis, cross-program integration, and launch and flight operations support. Prior to joining Orion, Carlos was an International Space Station (ISS) flight controller, where he supported multiple Space Shuttle-ISS assembly flights and ISS increment operations from Mission Control in Houston and in Korolev, Russia. Carlos also worked for Honeywell Space Systems as a technical lead developing vehicle health management technologies, including support to the Lockheed Martin team during the initial development of the Orion spacecraft. Throughout his career, Garcia-Galan has been recognized for his achievements, including the recipient of the Honeywell Space Systems Engineer of the Year (Houston), NASA Silver Achievement Medal, Exceptional Achievement Medal, the Johnson Space Center Director’s Commendation, Orion Program Manager’s Commendation, and the Silver Snoopy Award.