Lunar Craters



Aaron J. Rogers, PhD
Senior Scientist 
Techshot, a Redwire Company

Dr. Rogers is currently employed as the Senior Scientist at Techshot, a Redwire Company. Before joining Techshot he worked in academia conducting research focused on the creation of human cardiovascular models using human induced pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocytes. His research in tissue engineering and stem cell biology has contributed to the better understanding of various diseases and biological systems. Contributions were typically derived from unique 3D tissue models; he has aided in the creation of 3D tissue models of cardiac, bone, tendon, kidney, vascular, parathyroid, lung, and secondary immune. His long-term goal at Techshot is to utilize his stem cell and tissue engineering expertise to create hardware and protocols that will enable 3D printing of tissue and organs in microgravity. These 3D printed tissues created from human cells will become vital tools in creating advanced biological models as well as potential therapeutics.